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54 BPS Schools receive ENERGY STAR awards! Attachment
 3/8/2016 9:57 AM
2015 League of Women Voters Announces BPS Recycling Awards  Attachment
 7/27/2015 8:14 AM
2014 BPS Energy Star Award Winners 
 7/24/2015 4:09 PM
League of Women Voters Announces BPS Recycling Awards Recipients Attachment
 6/6/2014 3:48 PM
25 Brevard Public Schools win EPA Energy Star Award Attachment
 2/6/2014 2:30 PM
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2015-16 Brevard Public Schools Recycling Manual.pdf
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 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

A parent asked if you can’t do a pizza box because of food – how can you recycle milk cartons that have a little milk still in them?

Minor food contamination is acceptable, ie: clean containers that held cookies, grapes, etc. As long as the material they are made of is an acceptable single stream recycling item. 


Containers with excessive food waste on them are NOT recyclable, ie: ketchup, sauce, pudding, cheese, etc.  A good general rule is that items that visually contain food waste may not be recycled.


When milk cartons are placed in the recycling dumpster they are typically crushed by other recyclables causing the milk residue to be removed from the carton.  In addition, when the recyclables are loaded onto the semi-trailer for transport to the recycling processing facility more milk residue is typically released.

Can paper towels and/or used kleenex from the classroom go in the recycle bin?

Clean paper towels can be recycled if they are used to dry your hands.If you use a cleaning chemical on them or wipe up a spill they are no longer recyclable.

Tissues would generally NOT be recyclable, as they are used to capture body fluids, which are considered medical waste and not recyclable.

Along the same strain, wet wipes would not be recyclable, as they are soaked in chemicals.

I have noticed that on the bottom of our lunch trays and bowls that there is the recycle symbol with a 6 in it. Are they able to be recycled as well?

Thank you for being alert to the recycle symbol on the Styrofoam products that you use  and asking the question. 


The answer, unfortunately, is no.  Brevard Public Schools cannot currently recycle these products.


The recycling symbol means that they are recyclable somewhere, somehow, by someone.

At this time, our recycling service provider cannot recycle Styrofoam, so we cannot put it in the recycle bins.


I have spoken with Kevin Thornton, Director of BPS Food Services about the trays that we use. At this time, it would cost us $500,000 / year to upgrade to a tray made of recyclable materials.  We are hoping that the industry comes up with something recyclable that is in our price range.  Until then, we must, sadly, continue to put all Styrofoam in the garbage dumpster to be hauled to the landfill.

Can we put trash bags in the recycle dumpster?


Waste Management prefers that they be clear or white, something that they can see through, so it doesn’t get confused with the trash. They prefer that we minimize our use of bags if possible, but understand that the majority of our schools need to bag at least some of their recycling materials to get it out to the dumpster.

Plastic bags are not currently recyclable through Waste Management’s single –stream recycling program. So loose, plastic bags should not be placed in the recycling bins. Many local grocery stores have receptacles for plastic bags if you want to recycle them there.



Must I remove staples from recylable papers?
What do I do with my confidential shredding?
Do NOT put confidential documents in the recycling bins. Check with your site administrator about shredding policies. 
If milk cartons are not opened, can they just go into the recycled dumpster, or need they be opened and poured?

Collection of liquids from the milk cartons is NOT a requirement of the recycling program. If you have to throw away full milk cartons, you do NOT have to empty them first.


The purpose of collecting liquids separately is to alleviate the weight of the bags that your custodians have to lift and to keep the milk from souring in the dumpster and making your campus smell bad. So you can work with your custodial and kitchen teams to determine what works best for everyone. J

What is single-stream recycling?

Single-stream recycling means that items no longer need to be sorted and separated. All recyclable items may be placed in the single-stream recycle bin in your classroom, office or cafeteria and will be placed in the same single-stream recycling dumpster for pick-up. Sorting is done by the service provider at their Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF) in Orlando.


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