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Energy/Resource Conservation

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Energy/Resource Conservation
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Monthly Results:  Electricity

The Monthly Consumption Reports specifically indicate energy consumption from FPL and are created to provide assistance to the Principal in managing electrical usage for their facility.  Each school will have a slightly different "target" even though many are similar in design and construction.  These targets are based upon previous years kWh (kilowatt hours) consumption and have been adjusted accordingly for facility improvements and quantity of portables.


Folder: A - High SchoolsA - High Schools
Folder: B - Middle SchoolsB - Middle Schools
Folder: C - Elementary SchoolsC - Elementary Schools
Folder: D - Ancillary SitesD - Ancillary Sites
Folder: E - DistrictE - District

For example:  to view a monthly report for Sunrise Elementary, click on Elementary Schools then click on Sunrise Elementary.

Once the file opens, you will see two (2) charts.

  • The top chart tracks monthly kWh consumption.
  • The second chart indicates cumulative kWh consumption beginning with FY 09/10.  There is a horizontal target bar that indicates the annual kWh budget.

The quantities are indicated in kWh consumed - not dollar amounts.